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Why Japanese Language ?
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Japan continues to be the powerhouse of Asia with its engineering and manufacturing strength. Although China and India have been in news lately for being two rising economies, Japan's economic output is way ahead of them. The country is only next to the United States of America in total gross domestic product. The importance of the country on the world stage also generates significance of the Japanese language.
A commendable figure of 140 millions speaks the Japanese language. Learning this language can open new avenues of employments for you. It is likely to catch up soon with other widely learnt languages like French and German. Japan offers lots of job scopes for qualified professionals. And India has big talent pool of such professionals who can cash on dream prospects in Japan with knowledge of Japanese.
If you are fluent in Japanese language you have good prospects of becoming a foreign news correspondent. You can be reporting all kinds of news for the Japanese media. You can also be absorbed as a trainer by various training centers or institutes that offer courses in this language. You can be a translator or interpreter whereby your services will be required to help people communicate. You can work as a freelancer for commercial translation agencies where you can work on special projects suited to your talents and subject area. There are other career prospects as well through Japanese language training like flight attendant, foreign service officer, historian, film editor, copy writer and many more.
Japanese has lots of similarities with the Indian language. So Indians can learn Japanese language pretty fast. A good course, teaching methodology and experienced tutor can add edge to your learning experience. And that has been our effort at SNRC. We have been committed over a decade to deliver quality & timely Japanese language learning services to all our clients. So come and join us as we are your one stop shop for learning Japanese language!
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