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" A Quick Introduction to Japanese Conversation" Video Lesson
This is a video lesson intended to help the following category of persons.
    A beginner interested in learning Japanese.
    A business person planning a trip to Japan.
    Students looking for a short course in Japanese.
    Hobbyists like a home maker planning to usefully learn a language.
Outcome : At the end of this lesson you will be able to
    Create your own simple polite sentences in Japanese for known situations.
    Identify names of articles / objects in Japanese.
    Fix up meetings with Japanese clients.
    Understand Japanese organization's hierarchy.
    Introduce yourselves in Japanese, give your telephone number etc.
    Understand travel details such as arrival departure times etc.
    Get a broad idea of the business proceedings.
    The lesson is split into Nine easy chapters.
    Each chapter has an associated pdf document which needs to be read prior to viewing the video lesson.
Pre-requisites / System Requirements
    The application works ONLY with INTERNET EXPLORER 6.0 and above
    Please install "Adobe Flash Player" for Internet Explorer before you start the lessons
The above is priced at an attractive price of Rs 599 only.
Yes I would like to take this course immediately.
As with any learning, better effort leads to better learning. All the best.

Terms & Conditions
Can I view the videos any number of times ?
You can view each lesson only thrice. However on the same page you can rewind and replay the video any number of times. Once you have cleared a particular video chapter and move to a new page it is counted as one view. Also the username & password is valid for three months only.
Why this restriction ?
This has been done in the interest of learning. Based on our experience we found that videos when available for viewing any number of times, the learning outcome was far lesser than when they were aware of the limitation in viewing the videos. With a view to bring focus & learnability, we have restricted the view to three times & validity to three months.
Steps involved to register and view online video lessons:
STEP 1 : Basic Registration. You will get a confirmation email.
STEP 2 : Register further details such as UserID, Password etc. You will get a confirmation email with the ID and
STEP 3 : Login with the ID and Password, Choose the applicable video lesson and confirm terms & conditions.
STEP 4 : You will be redirected to CCAvenue payment gateway site and register your credit card details and
                confirm payment.
STEP 5 : You will get a confirmation email from CCAVenue site for payment confirmation.
STEP 6 : Within 24 to 48 hrs from the date of payment, you will receive an email from SNRC, with a link to view the
                video lessons online.
STEP 7 : Once you receive the email, please login to SNRC site and view the video lessons online.
Please contact the undersigned for further clarifications. Please quote your User ID, Name and Mobile number for all queries.
Courses Counsellor

" Brief Contents - Structure of the Video Lesson "
" A Quick Introduction to Japanese Conversation "
Brief introduction to the Video Program:
CHAPTER 1 : Self Introduction. To convey personal details like name, professions, nationality, etc to the other person
CHAPTER 2 : Greetings. Various Greetings and expressions to carry on day to day life in a smooth manner
CHAPTER 3 : Numbers. Numbers play a vital role in every day life. Say it! Convey telephone numbers, count currency,
                        shop, etc
CHAPTER 4 : Time / Hour Minutes. Convey the time, count hours, minutes, forenoon & afternoon etc
CHAPTER 5 : Days of the week & months. Learn easily how to convey days of the week, months etc
CHAPTER 6 & 7 : Months of the year & Days of the month. Learning this with the above will make the learner self
                                sufficient with the calendar
CHAPTER 8 : Sentence Patterns. Draws parallel between Indian languages & Japanese. Easy to get the funda of Subject
                        Object Verb right! Use this & previous chapter details to construct simple sentences
CHAPTER 9 : Helps explain purpose of visit to Japan & interesting aspects of giving gifts
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