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Summer Camp for School Children
" Japanese Learning " with Sakuraa Nihongo Resource Centre.
Japanese is that magical language that opens the door of Far East Asia - the ever young Japan. Japan is a cool pleasant land of natural beauty, technical excellence, admirable culture and colorful arts. 'Anime' of Japan is a worldwide favourite.
Why Japanese ?
  Japanese - A truly Asian language that matches well with Indian languages grammatically.
  Japanese - The Language that can offer lucrative career option in the fields of Translation, Interpretation, Tourism,
    Teaching and Bilingual Training ( Eng - Jap, Jap- Eng ).
  Japanese - A powerful alternative to professional courses (engineering, medical, architecture and so on). 
  Japanese unfolds opportunities of higher education and research in Japan.
  Japanese makes way to work with technological giants of the world.
Key Contents
  1st - Introduction to origami & Hiragana.
  2nd - Calligraphy, Anime & Hiragana.
  3rd - Japanese songs, Cultural image, Hiragana.
  6th - Self introduction, Hiragana.
  7th - DVD's, places of interest, Hiragana complete.
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