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Business Japanese Video lesson by NATIVE PERSON(Japanese Native):

Business Japanese Video lesson by NATIVE PERSON(Japanese Native). The following 30 minute Video lesson would help the learner to get an idea of various phrases and nuances(manners) required during business situations with Japanese personnel, as discussed by a native.
 A Business Person starting a business with Japan.
  Students who are interested in a higher level of Japanese+Practical Conversation.
  Pre Requisite: A minimum level of JLPT (L4)is required.
Outcome :
 Language conversion: Get prepared for an effective and fruitful conversation with Japanese prospects/ clients.
Outcome benefit for everyone: The Japanese Language lessons facilitate smooth and successful business dealings for profitable outcome.
Business meetings: You will be able to fix up appointments with Japanese prospects/ clients.
 Business process : Get a broad (overall idea) of the business proceedings in meetings with Japanese prospects .
 Student benefit: The Online Japanese video lesson is Best efficient way to learn Japanese .
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