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1. Why should I learn Japanese ?
That is because there is a huge demand for this language skill. A quick search across various job portals will give you an indication of the huge demand for the combo skills i.e. IT & Japanese language skills. This equips you to better handle your job prospects.
2. What are the benefits of this program ?
Learning Japanese language opens up new career opportunities. You can learn conveniently Avoid the hassles of travel, hence save time & money. You will learn Japanese from a reputed organization with an excellent track record, viz SNRC.
3. What will I be able to do at the end of this program ?
At the end of this program you will be able to manage Japanese language conversations or get internationally certified by writing the exams conducted by Japan foundation for Levels N5 to N3.
4. Can an internet based program give the same results as a regular class ?
Yes, today this technology is widely used to effectively deliver real classroom trainings across the globe. It simulates the regular class room training. We share the study materials, live, whenever required. The white board concept ensures that the teacher & students share all the dimensions of a normal class. Each student is attended & responded to in the same way as a regular class. A demonstration of this technology can be done to you. You may register for one here.
5. What is JLPT & how does it help ?
Japanese Language Proficiency Test is a test of Japanese ability for non-native students of Japanese. It focuses on reading ability, vocabulary, listening, kanji, and grammar. JLPT Courses are recognized by the Japan Foundation. However kindly note that JLPT exams do not measure spoken Japanese. That is where our conversation programs will come in very handy.
6. What are the Career Opportunities available to me if I learn Japanese ?
A wide range actually! Ranging from IT related jobs, tourism, and marketing to being a freelancer.
7. I do not have the time to take up this training on top of my current academic / office schedule.
We reckon this & acknowledge the fact that you may have a challenge in this area. However it is a fact that many of our existing online students, who started with similar challenges, have found that the extra time spent on this was well worth it, since they could positively differentiate themselves in the job market. Needless to say getting quality & well paying jobs can be a challenge. It is our experience that equipping oneself with Japanese language skills specifically helps open doors that may not be available to others.
8. I am from a rural background, will I be able to take it up & succeed ?
This is a very interesting question. Infact our experience is to the contrary. Given today?s diverse backgrounds from which students come, we find that many rural students, who are basically intelligent but handicapped in English find a great career avenue in Japanese language. Most importantly unlike English there are many similarities between Indian mother tongues & Japanese, thus making it easy for them to quickly pick up Japanese.
9. When there are other European Languages which seem cheaper to train, why should our students learn Japanese ?
Japanese language is one of the highest paying languages. The opportunities available to a skilled Japanese language professional is globally unmatched. The Complexity of Japanese language needs very refined & sharp teaching skills, unlike many European languages where the script is very similar to English. SNRC has an excellent reputation of delivering quality training. You may want to see our client testimonials & student feedback in our website viz Thus considering the effort involved in teaching Japanese, our reputation & the career benefit you would be exposed to, we sincerely believe that our fees is very fair.
10. Will the students be given a course completion certificate ?
Yes students will be given a course completion certificate
11. What is the infrastructure required for this program ?
PC with Windows XP (Professional or Home Edition)
512 kbps band width per each system
Head phone (Micro Phone option)
Desktop Web Camera
12. What is the typical batch size ?
Maximum 14 in a batch.
13. What are the timings for this program ?
The timings could be worked out to our mutual convenience.
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