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Short Term Courses by Native

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SNRC is happy to announce the start of short term Japanese Language Courses conducted by a native person.
This is a video lesson intended to help the following category of persons.
Business Japanese
You might be involved in the conduct of business with Japanese companies in your official capacity. It is very crucial that they understand the nuances of Business Japanese. This course will certainly help you achieve that
    Total Duration : 60 hrs
    Pre Requisite - JLPT N5
Japanese SHODO and ORIGAMI ( For children, home makers & adults )
It is about artistic style of writing Japanese characters using brush and ink. Without prior knowledge of Japanese one can enjoy calligraphy as an art form and create beautiful greeting cards for various occasions.
The Japanese art of folding paper can be enjoyed by one and all and create curious looking nice articles from paper ( no scissor and glue )
    Total duartion : 30 hrs ( No prior Japanese knowledge required )
    For Housewives - 10:30- 12:30 ( twice a week )
    For Kids & Working People ( Saturday afternoon )
Japanese History and Literature ( Ancient & modern )
    Total duration : 60 hrs
    Minimum qualification - JLPT Level N5
Introduction to Japanese Art Forms (songs - teaching songs) dance forms (Kabuki & Noh), Bunraku (Puppet Show) with videos.
    Duration : 30 hrs
    No prior Japanese Knowledge Required
Contact – or call +91 80 2346 4677 for further details.
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