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Sakuraa Nihongo Resource Centre (SNRC) is an independent Japanese language school. SNRC offers a bouquet of Japanese language services such as Japanese language training, Japanese language translation, Japanese language interpretation, Japanese language business etiquettes coaching and bilingual placement services.
SNRC exclusively focuses on providing the following services.
Learn Japanese, Learning Japanese
  Document Translation Japanese to English & English to Japanese
Learn Japanese, Learning Japanese
  Interpretation Services
Learn Japanese, Learning Japanese
  Training for Japanese Language Proficiency Test Levels (JLPT)
Learn Japanese, Learning Japanese
  Corporate Training
  Internet based live training programs
  Translation workshops
  Japanese language & cultural orientation services for business & such visitors to Japan
  Japanese Business Etiquettes
Sakuraa Nihongo Resource Centre SNRC has been in the Japanese Language business for about a decade. We have a successful track record of delivering quality & timely Japanese Language Services to all our clients be they individuals or corporates
SNRC client mix includes large MNC, Indian corporations & software companies. It stands to our credit that we do repeat business with many of them.
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