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Japanese Translation Services
  Sakuraa Nihongo Resource Centre (SNRC)
Sakuraa Nihongo Resource Centre (SNRC) is an established Japanese language service centre. We offer a range of Japanese language classes aimed at individuals and corporates. SNRC’s Japanese language course for corporates are usually customized. We offer Japanese language translation, Japanese language interpretation, Japanese language etiquettes coaching and bilingual staffing services.

Japanese Translation Services

Japanese to English and English to Japanese translation is an Art form! We deliver quality & timely Japanese Translation services across multiple domains and document types
Like Japanese translation, Japanese interpretation is also an art form. SNRC Japanese interpreters ...

Japanese Classes for Individuals

Japanese Language Proficiency Test is a test of Japanese ability for non-native students of Japanese ...
Japanese Classes for Corporates trying to develop their business in Japan, or intending to do business with Japanese clients or customers ....
JLPT N5, N4 & N3 Programme - Online - Internet Based
Japanese Classes for JLPT Exam- Japanese Language Proficiency Test is a test of Japanese ability for non-native students of Japanese
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Japanese Classes - Conversation Programme - Online - Internet Based
As part of our approach to take learning to students in a convenient manner, we are pleased to announce ..
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Chinese Translation Services
SNRC offers Chinese to English translation and English to Chinese service…
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Bilingual Placement Services
SNRC provides comprehensive Japanese job staffing services that help organization recruit Japanese language skilled resources across multiple industry verticals....
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New Japanese Language Proficiency Test
Why Japanese Language?
Several developed and developing countries are making endeavors to reach Japanese by providing scholarships ...